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How to spot Fake News?

How to spot Fake News?

How to spot Fake News?

These days, fake news or rumors are spreading faster than lighting. Social media allow anyone to spread them. 70% of fake news and rumors are retweets. Between 2006 and 2016 the percentage of spreading fake news increased suddenly. People began to mistrust new sources, and the others get tricked by fake news. According to BBC-news: ‘Fake news completely made up stories disguised as news and made to go viral for political and commercial gain’. There are many ways to figure fact check it, and I am here to tell you!

To begin with, you have to search deeply on the fact. You may use Google photos. You will find a short summary of the fact-check below the photo. If it is a video, you can also copy-paste the URL from Google and consult a fact-checking website.

In the second place, you have to check the author or the person that uploaded the news. You have to search about his/her’s other articles or news so they are all real. You can also ask a librarian if this author is well-known. We can also examine if anyone else shared this fact.

Furthermore, you have to investigate the source’s histories and content. A wiki is always the most risky source.

Moreover, you have to read the interior article; because maybe there is a reference that it is a joke.

Finally, you have to check the way the article is written. If there are capital letters other then the beginning of the sentence, or there are too much symbols, this must be a fake article.

To sum up, you have to take care of fake news. You have to always double check about the fact. And you always have to know that it may sounds fake, but in reality it is real.

Hope you have a good day!

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